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Black Garden is an exercise in time and a space somewhere, a changing polaroid by the Mexican producer Amina Cyu. The recording invites you to


15 years ago, Doreem (Tania Pomar, México City) created part of the music in this release for Pilar Gallegos‘ dance company performance of “Sin Título”.


A deep and soft journey through the lens of Mexican electronic music producer Braulio Lam, an ever changing sound environment where the focus is


The Aye-Aye wave arrives at Static Discos with an EP titled Everything Popular is Wrong. Hazy and danky abstract dub that serves to celebrate the


Hotel Hastings is Alejandro Morse’s first release for Static Discos. This is a soundtrack to the book by Canadian writer Eduardo Padilla. The soundtrack starts


FAX has reworked and reshaped one of the tracks of his Changing Landscapes album. LAND III now has vocals by mexican singer Carmen Ruiz. The


Concepción Huerta’s “Personal Territories” is a work that sonically narrates two fictionalized stories in parallel, two sites dealing with human invasion as its main theme.



GUEVARA is the project of Guillermo Guevara, a producer from Mexico City who has been a key player in the experimental electronic music scene for


Static Discos celebrates its 100th release with a collaboration between MURCOF and FAX. The collaboration between both Mexican artists is a 100 second track.

Static Discos


Multi-instrumentalist Braulio Lam has invited friends and admired artists to remix his Kinetic album. His deep dark ambient gets the remix treatment from the


FAX returns with The Changing Landscapes his most lush and organic production yet, a recording of ever changing spaces, rhythmic atmospheres and moods.

FAX has been