Nimboestatic label was started by Ejival in 1997 to showcase some of the independent music being produced in Baja California Mexico. It released some of the most finely crafted alternative and pop music from that era in Mexico, in contrast to the trends of heavy rock, ska and hip hop that dominated pop culture through the centralist mentality of the major labels in Mexico City. All artwork on Nimboestatic logo and releases by Rubén Alonso Tamayo (Aural, Fax).

Ciëlo Un Amor Mató Al Futuro (NIM011, 2003) | SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC |
Terrestre vs Plankton Man (NIM010, 2004) | APPLE MUSIC
Niño Astronauta (NIM009, 2004) | SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC
Nona DelichasAires de Bocacalle (NIM008, 2001) | DISCOGS
Various ArtistsLa Tejedora de Nubes (NIM007, 2001) | DISCOGS
Ford ProcoVértigo de Lodo y Miel (NIM005, 2000) | DISCOGS
Various ArtistsMotivos del Sitio 29 (NIM904, 1999) | DISCOGS
Aural (NIM903, 1999) | SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC
Sonios200 Fonios (NIM802, 1998) | SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC
Nona Delichas (NIM701, 1997) | SPOTIFY

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