STA080 | Fax | Constellation

Constellation is the seventh studio album by Static Discos founder FAX. Constellation marks a return to basic sound patterns of electronic music while maintaining a sumptuous pulse of ethereal exploration with the use thick thumping analog sounds. Never sounding retro, FAX is able to balance the old with the new, resulting in a record full of contrasts; the light absorbing the darker moments of the album, resulting in a music narrative that is introspective, deep and wide.

FAX‘s (Rubén Alonso Tamayo) musical career already spans more than a decade and he is one of the most prolific electronic music producers in México. Starting in the mid nineties as a guitarist for shoegaze bands like Fieles Difuntos and Aural in his home city of Mexicali, FAX turned to experimental dance electronic music, inspired by the early minimal techno of Cologne in the late nineties.

“Trying to steer away from the cliche of the musician that uses synthesizers while staring at space, the title of the album refers to an internal constellation; to gaze inside instead of outwards. This album is the culmination of all the music influences I have as a musician (or non-musician, as Brian Eno says). It also has a lot of my daily life in there, my creative process, the arts, family, my relationships, friends and all the noise that I feel around my existence. It also represents a lot of teamwork, an album with nine luminescent points to connect”. – FAX (Rubén Alonso Tamayo)


FAX– “Constellation” (STA080)
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