STA090 | Various Artists | Losing Money, Gaining Friends

Static Discos is 15 years old this 2017. To celebrate we are releasing three compilations titled: Static Discos 15: Losing Money, Gaining Friends, one for each five years, which span all of the artists that have contributed music to this label since 2002. The state of electronic music in México and Latin America has grown in so many aspects since we started 15 years ago, and although there is a finer understanding and many platforms for electronic music in Latin America, there is still a lot to be done in regards to the way electronic music producers are portrayed in the media or the value of a body of work of electronic music in a digital world of fragmented clicks and content.

The first compilation is from the period of 2002-2006, a mixture of minimal techno, breaks and electronic pop, always informed by diverse sounds and styles, akin to the labels that inspired us: Factory, 4AD, Sarah, Leaf or Warp. This may have thrown off some of our early followers, wishing we had stayed as a minimal techno or experimental electronic label, but that would have been very boring to us. So here it is, our first installment of a long journey that feels to only have started yesterday. It all still sounds as fresh as it once did not too long ago and we wonder what that says about the current state of electronic music here or any other place.



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