STA123 | A. M. | Origen

Origen, the debut EP from A. M., Guadalajara based electronic music producer Alex Magaña, was born out of the idea of creating an expanding and hazy Muzak soundtrack. It is the result of breaking melodies, textures and musical passages, sampling old LP’s from the 70’s, Reader’s Digest collections, contemporary classical music and field recordings that Magaña took in the town of Epenche Grande, Jalisco, to give life to new music and continue a story that only exists in a parallel world.

The original intention and creative limitation for this EP was not to use any “instruments” and construct a tribute to his four grandparents. In Origen, A. M. imagines music that represents and honors their memory, using old vinyls recovered from the abandoned house of his paternal grandfather Gildardo.

The vinyls were covered in a thick layer of dust, hidden inside his old record player console, a precious treasure hidden in his living room. – A. M.

A. M. created the cover of the EP with DALL·E 2, wanting to represent the emotionally difficult time he was going through during the confinement of the pandemic while creating this music. They are now blurred days that transpired between panic attacks, feelings of dissociation and a lot of loneliness, as A. M. imagined a virtual character who was enjoying his music in a distant world, perhaps in the country-side of a Vicentine Villa.