STA072 | Schem | Exhale

SCHEM‘s debut album for Static Discos, EXHALE, is at the same time deep and profoundly sexy. A collection of eight tracks that come from an artist with a diverse background of laser punk, screamo and live electronic improvisation. Previously releasing an EP on Indian Gold Records, SCHEM’s debut album continues the downward spiral into subdued collage of atmospheres, voices and a continuous thumping low end. Jung Sing (SCHEM) has been a member of avant punk bands like Maniquí Laser and All Leather.

“I want to create dense and obscure atmospheres and at the same time create a circle of sound that captures you with a slow rhythm. A new kind of deep infernal techno” – Jung Sing

SCHEM is one of the brightest producers of Mexican electronic music. Exhale is introspective ambient to go deep within yourself”. – BUZZFEED