STA104 | Concepción Huerta | Personal Territories

Concepción Huerta’s “Personal Territories” is a work that sonically narrates two fictionalized stories in parallel, two sites dealing with human invasion as its main theme.

Site one explores sound based on a story of human’s pursuit of territory invasion. Territories humans invade when there is ‘other’ to the territories deemed colonizable. Site two uses sound to share the guarded story within the territories of our personal bodies that are reversely the subjects of abuse, toxicities, and the passage of time. The performance utilizes sounds via instruments, recordings, tapes, objects and contact microphones that transmute the elements that invade physically and imaginatively these two territories in danger.

Currently based in Mexico City, Concepción Huerta was born in Guanajuato and raised in Guadalajara, where she photographed and documented the city’s experimental music scene as well as developing her incursions in experimental music and noise.

“Personal Territories is a recording dedicated to the resistance of the body by human violence, imposed in the space we inhabit from places (physical or imaginary) to our own body.” – CONCEPCIÓN HUERTA

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Concepción Huerta – Personal Territories (STA104)

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