STA103 | Guevara | Ataraxia

GUEVARA is the project of Guillermo Guevara, a producer from Mexico City who has been a key player in the experimental electronic music scene for more than 20 years. Starting with Sonido Continental, which was part of the CDMX art scene around the celebrated La Panadería Gallery in the late 90s.

At the beginning of the century he distinguished himself for being part of DUOPANDAMIX project, an essential component of the national electronic music scene due to its unmistakable combination of dub, elektro and pixel rhythms. It was that same adventurous spirit that led Guillermo Guevara to develop KAMPION, a project focused more on heavy rhythms and downtempo, but carried with the same experimentation that made DUOPANDAMIX something so endearing and special.

His new recording as GUEVARA further expands the Mexican producer’s scope into uncharted territory, resulting in a complex mix of intense pulsations, soft ripples and grainy panoramic soundscapes that produce a tranquil and resting state of mind.

“Ataraxia EP began trying to step aside from the production schemes in which I worked in recent years. The result is four slow burning tracks with raw, basic rhythms and harsh, distant sound textures, which remain as the record of a journey rather than a point of arrival”. – GUEVARA


GUEVARA – Ataraxia EP (STA103)

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