STA092 | Fax | Silda

SILDA EP is the newest release by Static Discos founder FAX. Since his last release in late 2015, Constellation, Rubén Alonso (FAX) has been working on his side project Diahgonal and preparing this latest release.

SILDA EP contains all the hallmarks of a FAX release, the melodic and shimmering electronics that have characterized his musical career since 2000. FAX’s dreamy bass lines and analog electronics resonate with washes of live instrumentation courtesy of musician Iván Trujillo on the title track. The release sounds like stopgap in between FAX and Rubén Alonso’s further explorations as Diahgonal.

A graphical designer by trade Rubén Alonso’s musical career as FAX already spans almost two decades. During that time he has become one of the most prolific electronic music producers in México and an in demand session musician and musical producer. SILDA EP is written and Produced by Fax. Recorded, engineered, edited and mixed at Facsimile Sound, Mexicali, B.C. Mastered at Black Knoll Studio, New York. Graphic design: Rubén A. Tamayo. Images: Mónica Arreola.


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