STA126 | Arhkota (feat. Lubna Maher) | Benti

Arhkota‘s third album for Static Discos is called “Benti“, and it features a collection of trippy songs that evoke different moods and dreamlike states. The album title is a dedication to Lubna Maher, Arhkota’s main collaborator and vocalist. “Benti” refers to Lubna’s daughter, meaning “My Daughter” in Moroccan Dialects. Benti provides a dynamic and collaborative auditory experience with music that reflects and inspires various facets of life.

Arhkota invited several collaborators to play saxophones, trumpets, and clarinets on this album. He recorded everything using acoustic instruments such as harps, handpans, organ, piano, kalimba, and even toys directly on his cell phone. Arhkota wanted to preserve the raw sound and keep everything “in your face,” so he mixed everything himself and didn’t use too much compression or try to make everything perfect. Instead, he opted for a pre-master/EQ and then the final master. Lubna’s vocals, the drums, and the bass were the only things recorded correctly, but even these were captured in a very natural way.

Lilly Aycud (Trumpet on track #2, 11 – Rising From the Ashes & Between 1am )
Frida De La Sota (Saxophone, Clarinet on track # 1, 3, 7, 10 – Algor Mortis, For You, Please, Turn the Light Down & The Grant old Fashioned)
Clodomiro Montes Jr.(Tambora on track #5 – Obscure Paliteo)
Kathia Rudametkin (Viola on track #6 – Benti)

Mixed by Arhkota (Argel Cota)

Mastered by Josiah Mazzaschi at (The Cave)

Pre Mastered by Alex Miller at (Stereo-Type Recordings)

Art Design by Ruben A.Tamayo