In 2010 Static Discos started publishing books by border authors, a project helmed by our friend Javier Fernández. The three books can be acquired through Amazon. Cover artwork by Rubén Alonso Tamayo.

The books are in Spanish. Want to translate them to english?, contact us at

“SRA. KRUPPS is a disturbance to your sense of balance, a heady ride.” – IGNACIO MONDACA.

“Piece by piece, the appearance of this work is an event that restructures the architecture of border literature.” – HERIBERTO YÉPEZ.

“Villapudua is a philosopher who built six stories that flee from the causal and that are closer to being the notes of a psychonaut going through landscapes and circumstances from which one can leave horrified or enlightened”. – VICE

“Although Javier Fernández seeks to go a little beyond the traditional parameters of the narrative, occasionally resorting to fragmenting his prose and using more abstract resources, Seguir a Los Gansos is more than entertaining passages, offering a highly recommended read about the lives of several characters immersed in the consumption of pop culture. – INDIE ROCKS!