STA078 | Antiguo Autómata Mexicano | Metamistake

Metamistake is a companion album to Microhate. Metamistake was supposed to be released on Polyfusia Records, the label by Seefeel‘s Mark Clifford around 2005. The collection is filled with nuanced techno that buoyantly floats alongside billowing swirls of incessant activity. Luring Disco, a brooding industrial soundscape of machine whirrs and string plucks, offers a start contrast to the delicately sculpted melancholy that bleed through the skeletal melody traces of Another Enemy Smashed. Almost dubby in its drifting quality, Flowered is particularly beautiful, muffled clusters and rumbling clanks fading and cascading but so subtly that a distracted listener might hear little more than an undefined blur.

“Being associated to minimalist and avant-garde German music can be both good and bad, but has never been a gimmick” – AAM


Antiguo Autómata Mexicano – “Metamistake” (STA078)
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