STA070 | Kampion | Acoxpa

KAMPION, one of Mexico’s most respected underground producers returns with ACOXXPA, his debut album. Guillermo Guevara, the man behind KAMPION, has been creating electronic music for more than a decade with his projects Sonido Continental and Duopandamix. His productive career has seen him release music on the Filtro and Gridlife netlabels. With a sound that is an expansive continuation of the pixel broken beats of Duopandamix, KAMPION‘s music glides through urban decay grooves, freestyle analogical templates and seedy hip hop. Free Download of ACOXXPA for a limited time.

“Acoxpa is the name of a street in Mexico’s City Villa Coapa district, a microcosm that shows the social contrasts of Mexico’s pre and post neoliberal idiosyncrasies. The word ACOXXPA seemed like an ideal title for the sound world I was producing. An interesting word, phonetically and visually, something abstract with no precise meaning”. – Guillermo Guevara

Kampion Mutek 2013 - Feli Gutierres copy


KAMPION – “Acoxxpa” (STA070)
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