Static Discos was established in 2002, in Tijuana México, by ejival, Fax and Murcof. Ejival met Fax and Murcof through the musical proyects, Aural and Sonios respectively, that he released through his Nimboestatic record label in the late 90s. Inspired by electronic music labels like Warp, Mille Plateaux, Kompakt and Ghostly, Static Discos became one of the leading electronic music labels from Latin America. The BBC considered Static Discos a label that was able to compete with the rampaging electronic music hordes who dominate the US and European music scenes.

Since 2002, Static Discos has released more than 100 albums and EPs, from electronic music producers from different parts of Mexico (Guadalajara, Mexicali, Ensenada, Tecate, León, Monterrey, Tijuana, Culiacán and Mexico City), plus a couple of projects from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The musical output of Static Discos has been widely covered in electronic music specialized media all over the world.

Tijuana has long been a punch line to too many lazy comedians’ jokes. But that oft-mocked city just south of San Diego is also home to one of the world’s finest electronic-music labels: Static Discos. Betta recognize.- THE STRANGER (Data Breaker)

Few indie labels in Mexico manage to stay afloat for very long, but in the border city of Tijuana, where there is a deep-seeded DIY creative attitude, a DJ and music critic known to his friends and the music world as Ejival has given life to three small but solid record labels over the past ten years. The labels, Nimboestatic , Static and Verdigris , have become blueprints for the alternative distribution of experimental music.- MINIMALIST FRONTIER BEAUTY / REMEZCLA (2007)

In 2002, together with FAX and Murcof, Ejival established Static Discos, a label dedicated to electronic music and its derivatives that has become one of the zephyrs of the world firmament. Indispensable and important to go through this galaxy that last 2019 reached its 100th release.- NEXOS MAGAZINE (2021).

I notice that the BBC review from 2002 does make some effort to compare Static Discos to European labels, contexts, and minimalism. Of course, even in 2002, the reviewer concludes there’s no comparison – it’s actually Static Discos that’s “the real deal”.- Create Digital Music and Motion

Mexico’s Static Discos … focus on the broader category of experimental music, but have been foundational platforms for ambient artists from across the region. – PITCHFORK

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