STA116 | Braulio Lam + Simonel | Endlessness

Endlessness is a collaboration and album by sound artists Braulio Lam + Simonel, both from Tijuana, BC. A collection of memories, physical objects and natural spaces, which fade over time.

Mexican music writer David Cortés summed it up this way on Marvin Magazine: “Endlessness is an immersive album, worked with multiple layers of sound and planes that, as its title indicates, seem like an infinite loop. A strong cinematic charge appears in the first installment of this duo that shows a great capacity to propose imaginary geographies that the mind will build as the seven cuts of the plate unfold; it is also a job to approach states of rest (“The seventh seal”), experience atmospheres of mystery, uncertainty and expectation (“Double exposure”) and “witness” how sounds are linked and generate, little by little, a swing (“Fading waves”), or a state of contemplation (“Golden hour”).

Endlessness demands a listening with headphones that allows discovering in each approach that myriad of sounds that give it shape; In that sense it’s like a Pandora’s box, every time it’s opened there’s a surprise waiting, ready to seduce and that has its best shot in that sound vortex of “Endless”. Candidate for record of the year”.

SimoNel and Lam