STA099 | Braulio Lam | Kinetic Remixes

Multi-instrumentalist Braulio Lam has invited friends and admired artists to remix his Kinetic album. His deep dark ambient gets the remix treatment from the likes of Pepe Mogt, Fax, Ramón Amezcua with Eduardo Amezcua, Machino, Benfika, Flavius E. and Zero Doo, as each remixer takes the source material apart to create a cohesive collection of deep and minimal tracks full of intensity and depth.


“My remix of Braulio’s Kinetic 05 was the perfect excuse to discover the secrets of a west coast modular setup, I immediately felt a connection to his music and I became a member of his project”. – Pepe Mogt

01 Pepe Mogt

“My intention was to emphasize and add subtle details to the foggy narrative of Kinetic 04. The vapor of and cold sounds of the original now are behind pulses and timbric details that add musicality to the trip”. – FAX

02 Fax

“I was very perplexed by the ambient sounds of Kinetic 07. I was guided by the album cover of the original album. The process was very organic. I am convinced that a track does not requires melodies to be emotive’. – Benfika

03 Benfika

“It is an honor and learning experience to have worked on the remix for Kinetic 02 alongside my son Eduardo. The textures and sonic experimentation happening here make Braulio one of the most important music producers in México today”. – Ramón Amezcua

04 Ramon Amezcua
04 A Eduardo Amezcua

“Braulio Lam’s sound gives you the sensation of being created through experimentation and an authentic quest for sound, resulting in an excellent and wide ambient panorama. In Latin America this has double merit, as Braulio takes the tangent and abstractly travels it by creating enthralling music. I added my vision to Kinetic 07 by creating a danceable version of his hypnotic track”. – Flavius E.

05 Flavius E

“It was cool to work with someone that I admire, especially an ambient track like Kinetic 03. I combined the ambient elements with industrial rhythms. Its always a pleasure to work with Static Discos, a label that always does what it wants without following trends”. – Machino

06 Machino

“I wanted this remix of Kinetic 01 to be natural and true to the entire album vibe, but to also have all the elements that I feel define my music”. – Zero Doo

07 Zero Doo

Braulio Lam – Kinetic Remixes (STA099)

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Remixers photo portraits by Braulio Lam except Flavius E. by Esteban Ferreyro. Braulio Lam’s photo by Dagoberto Martínez remixed with Akira RabelaisArgeïphontes Lyre software.


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