STA110 | Braulio Lam | Dream Lens

A deep and soft journey through the lens of Mexican electronic music producer Braulio Lam, an ever changing sound environment where the focus is the light that filters in between dreams and reality. His fourth release for our label, the 25 minute track Dream Lens, finds Lam in meditative form, creating a foggy narrative that quietly stretches through found sounds, whispers, sampling and what sounds like a slow motion machine in the distance fabricating thunder clouds.

Braulio Lam is a music producer and photographer from the border region of Tijuana and San Diego.

BraulioPortrais-Cuarentena-2020 3 x Gabriela C Walther


Braulio Lam – Dream Lens (STA110)

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Dream Lens Spotify(foto de Braulio Lam x Gabriela C Walther)