In 2021 Static Discos coproduced three short films in collaboration with Casa del Lago UNAM and Tesoro Audiovisual. The films are explorations of the shared space, what we observe and feel, the places we find and travel into, in the physical and in the immaterial. What connects us and what also breaks us down as persons. A series of short films made on the Tijuana border, to reconstruct places through images, sound, experimentation and composition.

La Tejeé by Haydeé Jiménez

La Tejeé follows border sound explorer Haydeé Jimenez through a series of encounters with friends, migrants and collaborators who seek healing through sounds and spaces. A portal and artistic practice that calibrates the internal time machine and helps us drift around the city through our imperfect memory.

Endlessness by Braulio Lam and Simonel

Visual soundtrack for Endlessness, the collaboration and album by sound artists Braulio Lam + Simonel. A collection of memories, physical objects and natural spaces, which fade over time.

Dos piezas sin título by Gaspar Peralta

A free visual exercise based on two pieces for cello, clarinet and voices by Gaspar Peralta, a composer of contemporary classical music from Tijuana. Dos piezas sin título to be debuted in 2023.

All films are available for public screenings. Please write us for details: