STA095 | Gaspar Peralta | Entre el Clamor a Coro de las Estrellas del Alba

Gaspar Peralta‘s debut album on Static Discos, Entre el Clamor a Coro de las Estrellas del Alba, is a post-ambient manifesto that rumbles with unsettling quietness and profound loudness.

Nested in between the worlds of modern classical music, post-rock and ambient music, Gaspar Peralta’s work creates a cinematic experience for the ears that is filled with beauty, decay and uplifting incorporeality that bathes in darkness and light.

The album was written and produced by Gaspar Peralta (prepared piano, piano, synthesizers, sound processing), enlisting the help of a string quartet (Vicka Getman – Cello, Mauricio Prieto – Viola, Raúl Mendoza – Violin and Violeta Heradia – Violin) with Eric Moya on prepared guitar, guitar and bass. The album was recorded by Christopher Soto, mixed by Christopher Soto and Gaspar Peralta and mastered by Sidartha Siliceo. Album cover by María José Crespo.

“The album is a plan-séquence where we see the presence of a sanctuary, ruins, pleads, monoliths, flying buttress and ascetics. The origin of the work is identical to the moment where it apparently finalizes as the music could continue in perpetuity”. – Gaspar Peralta

Gaspar Peralta 03


Gaspar Peralta – “Entre el Clamor a Coro de las Estrellas del Alba (STA095)”

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