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Fire Rituals is the second Microhm EP for Static Discos. Microhm is Leslie García, a transdisciplinary artist based in Mexico City. Fire Rituals is an


15 years ago, Doreem (Tania Pomar, México City) created part of the music in this release for Pilar Gallegos‘ dance company performance of “Sin Título”.


Hotel Hastings is Alejandro Morse’s first release for Static Discos. This is a soundtrack to the book by Canadian writer Eduardo Padilla. The soundtrack starts


FAX has reworked and reshaped one of the tracks of his Changing Landscapes album. LAND III now has vocals by mexican singer Carmen Ruiz. The


FAX returns with The Changing Landscapes his most lush and organic production yet, a recording of ever changing spaces, rhythmic atmospheres and moods.

FAX has been


Gaspar Peralta‘s debut album on Static Discos, Entre el Clamor a Coro de las Estrellas del Alba, is a post-ambient manifesto that rumbles with unsettling


For his second release as Transgresorcorruptor on Static Discos, HIT, Mexican producer Yamil Rezc continues his exploration of sound with this new collection of analogic


SILDA EP is the newest release by Static Discos founder FAX. Since his last release in late 2015, Constellation, Rubén Alonso (FAX) has been working


Cyané is a music producer and artist from Mexico that began as a singer-songwriter in Hawaii, immersed in a music scene characterized by free form

CUBENX entrevista a FAX

Cubenx acaba de editar Elegiac, su segundo disco en el sello francés Infiné, un disco en donde el productor mexicano continúa desarrollando sus influencias shoegaze


Lvis Mejía is one of the most influential young Latin-American contemporary artists. His oeuvre of conceptual works reflects multiple forms of expression and spans various