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20 years ago, Fernando Corona (Murcof), Rubén Tamayo (Fax) and myself traveled to México City to play at a night club called Colmillo (Versalles 49). It was our first time playing a techno club in México City, and it was one of the few places at the time, if not the only, that catered to minimal techno. The February 14th date also became special because as we were setting up our soundcheck, Joseph Muñiz from Opción Sónica, our distributor at the time, showed up and delivered the first two Static Discos releases: Fax‘s Resonancia (STA001) and Murcof‘s Martes (STA002).

What we said:

Fax’s debut album is a combination of warm resonant harmonics with four by four minimalistic beats. This album is a definite post wallpaper techno manifesto, full of deep sounds and sweet melodies.

What the French website Autres Directions said:

These tracks are quite stunning. They hide harmonies that are organic as the music develops. Similarly, micro-glitches are found progressively throughout, offering a minimal techno that is lovingly caressed by house and dub. The music is powerful as Fax immerses the listener (me & you) in rich rhythmic sub basses (dancier than Pole or Tomas Jirku) that resonate with harmony and pulsations.

FAX – “Resonancia (STA001)”
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