STA040 | Various Artists | Residual Stock

Static Discos is proud to release Residual Stock, our 40th release. The collection is an homage to all the matter and memory left behind by the sometimes complex nature of life. Residual Stock is not a collection of ‘odds and sods’ but a selection of things that were and still remain close to us, within our grasp. As 2012 marks the 10th year anniversary of Static Discos, rather than compile a “best of” or commemorative artifact, we want to celebrate by releasing music throughout the year. Residual Stock is the first release of many to come in 2012. We want to dedicate this release to all the persons that have supported us and that have worked with us in some way or another in the last ten years. This is for the people we love, admire and are part of our family. And this is also for the people and objects that have left us or remain as a distant image in our lives but that will forever stay in our memory.

03 Horse

Various Artists – “Residual Stock (STA040)”
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Credits: “La Deuda Eterna” produced by Alberto Navarro / “Visiones” produced by Ramón Daniels / “Impala” produced by Rubén A. Tamayo / “Barrio White” produced by Alvaro Ruiz. Electric Guitar by Juan Manuel Ledezma. Recorded at Bulshet Studios in 2010 / “Moscomonoblock” produced by Guillermo Guevara / “Falafel” produced by Yamil Rezc / “Subculture” recorded  live at Rhiz Club, Vienna, Dec. 12th 2006 by Ángel Sánchez Borges / “Algunos Días Son Largos” produced by Mauricio Urbina / “HeightSpaces” produced by David Last / “The Loss Of Meaning” produced by Federico Crespo / “Motorik Bitch” rework by César Urbina, original track produced by Ángel Sánchez Borges / Mastered at Fascimile Sound / Cover picture and design by Rubén A. Tamayo /  Additional images of ‘Playas de Tijuana’ by Rafa Saavedra.

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