STA064 | Fax | Motion

The Motion EP marks the return of FAX to Static Discos. Almost 15 years after his first release on the label he founded, FAX shows a lucid craftsmanship of electronic sounds that go deep and wide through headphones or amplified systems. Following the experimental leanings of his last release, The New Rage, on Indian Gold, the Motion EP somewhat sees FAX return to dance music, while maintaining an edge of adventure and new found music lands.

“These are four songs that were born in the invernal desert of Mexicali. This time, in contrast to my previous EP, there is no driving line but a reflection of four different states of mind, microscopically designed for enjoyment at high volumes. Four emotions in full crescendo” – FAX


FAX – “Motion EP (STA064)”
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Written and produced by Rubén A. Tamayo. Recorded at Facsimile Sound, Mexicali, México. Mastered by Murcof. Art by Bez Martinen. Type by FAX.