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Static Discos celebrates its 100th release with a collaboration between MURCOF and FAX. The collaboration between both Mexican artists is a 100 second track.

Static Discos


Macario‘s full on debut for Static Discos follows his previous My Own EP. On Topure Mauricio Urbina, the man behind Macario, fulfills expectations with a


The Motion EP marks the return of FAX to Static Discos. Almost 15 years after his first release on the label he founded, FAX shows

Murcof & Petit

There is a new Murcof album out, a collaboration with Philippe Petit called First Chapter on Aagoo Records. According to Petit’s website, the collaboration between

The beginnings of Static Discos

Tijuana-based Static Discos wants to put Latin American electronic music artists on the map — almost as much as it wants to erase that map altogether.


Murcof‘s Martes has become one of the greatest electronic music albums of the last twenty years. Martes has become a landmark by which many modern