STA011 | Murcof | Martes & Utopía

At the beginning of 2001, after leaving The Nortec Collective and producing multiple pieces for the dance floors under the name of Terrestre, the musician from Tijuana Fernando Corona (1970) decided to create Murcof. His intention was to continue weaving digital precision with acoustic warmth in an experiment with electronic and classical music in its minimalist variants.

Critics soon agreed that Murcof had shown that there was indeed life after Nortec. The Martes / Utopia recent compilation is one of the best examples. It is a double album that brings together Murcof’s first two albums in a special edition exclusive to Mexico and that concentrates 125 minutes of minimal electronica with everything to get in tune with the most advanced music from Canada or Germany. Martes is a masterpiece of electronic art, and Utopia compiles remixes by Jan Jelinek, Deathprod, Colleen, Kit Clayton, Sutekh and Fax to Murcof’s pieces.

With mastery that suddenly borders on genius, Murcof creates melancholic atmospheres combining minimal techno and ambient with classical orchestrations. In his works he usually uses samples of string orchestrations by composers such as Arvo Pärt, and silences are a fundamental part of his creations, with which he manages to produce moments of intense tension and emotion.

His magnificent work has led him to be known and recognized in Europe, the US and Japan. Even Murcof won Promising Artist at the 2006 edition French Qwartz Awards, which honors new music produced digitally and which seeks to stimulate the emergence of new artists and musical currents.

On his website you can listen to samples of his most recent production that will end up convincing you that Fernando Corona is a worthy representative of the Tijuana avant-garde. (REFORMA / Jesús Pacheco, 2005).

((STREAM 20TH Anniversary Edition of Martes/Utopia))