STA013 | Fax | Collaborations & Remixes

A new album by FAX, Rubén Alonso Tamayo. Teaming up here with Ruben are Jonas Bering (Kompakt), Bern (Trapez/Traum), Mike Shannon (Cynosure/Force Inc), Ultra Red (Mille Plateaux), Alex Ayuli of AR Kane, M/A/R/R/S (Dreampop), Murcof (Leaf), Pepito (Static), Molair (Postair), Portable (Background), Millimetrik (Statik) and Karras (Mil Records). More than a remix album it is a collaborative effort that joins FAX with some kindred spirits from around the world to further develop minimal techno styles and warm musical friendships. The album contains two vocal tracks, one with San Francisco’s Pepito and the second one with Alex Ayuli (of legendary duo A. R. Kane and M/A/R/R/S), an edited version of this rocking techno dubber was featured on The Wire Tapper 12, from the December 04 issue of The Wire magazine.

Collaborations & Remixes won Best Compilation Album at the prestigious Qwartz Electronic Music Awards of France in 2006.

Rubén Tamayo is one of the most respected electronic producers on the national scene. His sound is minimalist techno, tech-house, ambient and microsound. On this album of mixes and collaborations, his small metallic sounds break like ice, fall like frost and dissolve like mercury. Perhaps, on the surface, it may all be not very adventurous, it sounds like something that has already been done, but that does not detract from the clicks and cuts quality of this his third recording, in which he works with international creators such as Jonas Bering, Mike Shannon, Portable, Bern and Alex Ayuli, from legendary group A. R. Kane and M/A/R/R/S. – Paty Peñaloza (Ruta Sonora / La Jornada)