STA004 | Various Artists | Stock

STOCK is a compilation of Mexican electronic music, a now that serves to illustrate the news of various producers in the country within the global context of electronic music. The premise of this compilation is simple, to show ten artists who are about to transcend outside of Mexico and who show the musical production chops that exists today in our country. Static Discos offers here a varied collection of sounds that are far from the musical trends that were manifested in Mexico circa 2002 and achieving a new way to contemplate several of the genres that are regularly associated with electronic music culture. From now on, the context of Mexican electronic music will never be complete without the inclusion of the music producers that make up this compilation called STOCK.

01 Fax – Myopia (7:21)
Fax is Rubén Tamayo (Mexicali) and he begins this compilation with a powerful theme where electro and techno find a common language. FAX released in 2002 “Resonancia” (Static Discos, Mexico), “Resonantes” (Traum, Germany) and EP1 (Rocket Racer, USA). FAX has just finished his second recording, “Ruido de Fondo” (Static Discos, 2003), which will be released consecutively in Mexico and the United States.

02 Bendhel – Orange (5:46)
Bendhel is Josué García (Ensenada) and before proceeding to electronic creation, he was part of the avant-pop group called Sonios. Bendhel’s sound is distinguished by its ethereal elegance and solid rhythms founded on tech house. Bendhel prepares what will be his debut album on Static Discos.

03 Duopandamix – Tuinpix (4:54)
Duopandamix is made up of Guillermo Guevara and Tania Pomar (Mexico City) and they expand the sound of their debut recording, Afternuclearbomb (Static Discos, 2003), with this song that alternates technopop, digitized pixels and a blunted sound that only exists in the world of Duopandamix .

04 Tre/molo – Transit (4:28)
Tre/molo is Jorge Verdín (Tijuana/Los Angeles), best known as a member of the Nortec Collective with his Clorofila project. With Tre/molo the musical premise has to do with a simple palette of classic sounds that illustrate a narrative that is danceable, versatile and intelligent at the same time.

05 H. Amézquita – Terms (5:32)
Hugo Amézquita (Ensenada) is a young producer who promises to cause expectations with his way of making music for the dance floor. Summer Microhouse, to contextualize his sound in some way. Hugo is currently working on what will be his debut album for Static Discos.

06 Murcof – One (6:50)
Fernando Corona (Tijuana) is well known in Mexico for his Terrestre project (ex-Colectivo Nortec) but it is under the alias Murcof that Fernando has transcended beyond Mexico. In one year he has made three European tours, two in Japan and participated in prestigious festivals such as Sónar (Barcelona), Mutek (Montreal), Tryptich (Edinburgh) and Big Chill (London). His record Martes (Static Discos, 2002) was declared by the BBC in London as one of the best electronic records and by the influential magazine The Wire as a contemporary electronic masterpiece.

07 Mendoza – Parts (5:47)
Mendoza is Roberto Mendoza (Tijuana), who also works with the Nortec Collective as Panóptica. Here he leaves the dance floor behind to delve into melodies, harmonies and moods. The tension is total with the inclusion of a live bass and a female voice that perfectly decorate the intelligent electronics of this Tijuana native.

08 Childs – S.A.D. (Ftp mix) (5:25)
Childs are Paúl Barrón and Guillermo Bátiz (Ensenada) and both create electronic lullabies and dreamy melodies. This remix, made by Plankton Man (Ignacio Chavez) leaves some elements of the original track intact, but increases the potential of the track by taking it to the world of digital jazz.

09 Miranda – Morlem (9:43)
Rubén Miranda (Rosarito) is best known for his Tovar project (Colectivo Nopal Beat). The concern here is still the dance floor, but here on the tech house side, feeding the current with dark sounds à la Depeche Mode (from the ‘A Broken Frame’ era). A track that takes place in a short trip, despite the length of time on this track.

10 Alvaro Ruíz – It Still Hurts (7:35)
Alvaro Ruíz (Mexico City) is one of the brightest producers that Mexico has. He is currently preparing his debut album on Static Discos, Algorythm & Blues, where he fuses jazz improvisation with digital sound processing. This track features the participation, on vocals, of jazz diva Iraida Noriega and Juan Cristobal Perez Grobet on double bass.