STA062 | Macario | Topure

Macario‘s full on debut for Static Discos follows his previous My Own EP. On Topure Mauricio Urbina, the man behind Macario, fulfills expectations with a collection of electronic pop songs interspersed with instrumental tracks. On the three years between his debut EP and Topure, Macario has grown up and created an intimate setting full of intricate beats, lush atmospheres, dreamy melodics and sincere song crafting. Tracks like “Low Expectations” and “Dusted” reveal a melancholic template that matches the honest tribulations in the lyrics themselves, while “Crank” and “Post Feelings” elevate the mood with progressive electronic psychedelia.

“Topure reflects many changes in my life, the change that comes from leaving a beautiful beach town and having to move to a city. Topure also reflects a change in my approach for creating music. I dived deep into music production, expanding my skills and also teaching everything I learned as a means of living while at the same time looking for a more serious and steady job”. – MACARIO

Macario-Back cover

MACARIO – “Topure (STA062)”
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Written, produced and mixed by Mauricio Urbina at Maurnmotte Studios in Guadalajara, Jal. México. Mastered by FAX at Facsimile Sound. Graphic design by: Rubén A. Tamayo. Voice on Post-Feelings : Sofía Orellana.