STA009 | Carrie | Honey Blue Star

Honey Blue Star is Carrie‘s debut for Static Discos, originally released in Spain as a split label release with Dearstereofan. Honey Blue Star could be best described as a collection of warm electronic folk songs, full of dreamy tones and sophisticated twee. Carrie’s music is part of a reference that weaves the worlds of Piana, Stina Nordenstam and Hope Sandoval, as she strums her guitar alongside a basic print of electronic sounds. Her sweet whispery musings float into an unforgettable pool of soft melodies, indie guitar sounds, cushioned beats and childlike wonder, as Carrie displays a pop sensibility that brings us up close to a view full of charm and candid humor.

Carrie is Laura Becerra, born in Guadalajara Jalisco, and one of the young producers in a new wave of sounds coming from Nexico. She started writing music in 2001, participating with local bands such as Mery Poppins, Baron Ashler and Miyagi before she went solo. Her music has appeared in indie label samplers from Abolipop and Soundsister. Her demo for this album caught the attention of journalists and radio stations in Mexico and Spain that immediately praised her electronic songs. Honey Blue Star is produced by Ruben Tamayo (Fax) and mastered by Fernando Corona (Murcof).


“A crafty fusion of organic electronic minimalism and folk music”.- (UK)

“One of the most promising artists is Carrie, whose live sets of laptop, guitar and vocals draw unmistakable comparisons to Lali Puna and Tujiko Noriko…” – XLR8R (USA)

“Pretty from start to finish, full of dreamy passages splashed with glitches, clicks and the fragile and caressing voice of its songstress”.- Zona de Obras (Spain)

“10 pears of electronic pop that barely fit in half an hour and that let themselves be loved with an overwhelming easiness”.- Go Mag (Spain)

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