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Concepción Huerta’s “Personal Territories” is a work that sonically narrates two fictionalized stories in parallel, two sites dealing with human invasion as its main theme.



Cyané is a music producer and artist from Mexico that began as a singer-songwriter in Hawaii, immersed in a music scene characterized by free form


Static Discos is proud to release Vaasdna EP by Schez. Jorge Sánchez was born and raised in Culiacán Sinaloa, but now resides in México City


Macario‘s full on debut for Static Discos follows his previous My Own EP. On Topure Mauricio Urbina, the man behind Macario, fulfills expectations with a

STA009 (demo)

Between 2001 and 2003, Laura B. and Eric Gamboa recorded the demos that became the I Hate That Thing Called Blog sessions for Carrie, which

Valentina is free.

Songstress Valentina González just sent us this beautiful video rendition of “Te Quiero Free”, a minimal and soulful couplet of true love and true freedom.

The end of Carrie.

Before the end of 2011, we got news from Carrie (Laura B.) that she would be releasing a new single through her website in early

Cubenx talks.

Cubenx has just released On Your Own Again, his proper debut album for the French electronic music imprint Infiné. The album has been receiving great