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Black Garden is an exercise in time and a space somewhere, a changing polaroid by the Mexican producer Amina Cyu. The recording invites you to


15 years ago, Doreem (Tania Pomar, México City) created part of the music in this release for Pilar Gallegos‘ dance company performance of “Sin Título”.


Concepción Huerta’s “Personal Territories” is a work that sonically narrates two fictionalized stories in parallel, two sites dealing with human invasion as its main theme.



Eternal Night is the debut album in Static Discos by Microhm [μΩ]. A sound collage that oscillates between noise, minimal wave, ambient, and slow techno.


For his second release as Transgresorcorruptor on Static Discos, HIT, Mexican producer Yamil Rezc continues his exploration of sound with this new collection of analogic


Static Discos is proud to release Vaasdna EP by Schez. Jorge Sánchez was born and raised in Culiacán Sinaloa, but now resides in México City


Vicente García Landa returns as Fonogram with Hymns, his new EP on Static Discos. Through his various musical projects, Fonogram, Versual and One Second Bridge,


Static Discos is proud to release Relatos, a new album by Andrés Almeida. A well known music producer and actor from México City, Andrés Almeida


Federico Crespo‘s third EP for comes right on the heels of his previous release on Static Discos. The C Sides EP may reference the styles


We asked Kampion, México City’s Guillermo Guevara and ex-member of Duopandamix, to talk about Moscomonoblock, his contribution to our Residual Stock compilation.

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