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Static Discos celebrates its 100th release with a collaboration between MURCOF and FAX. The collaboration between both Mexican artists is a 100 second track.

Static Discos


Cyané is a music producer and artist from Mexico that began as a singer-songwriter in Hawaii, immersed in a music scene characterized by free form

CUBENX entrevista a FAX

Cubenx acaba de editar Elegiac, su segundo disco en el sello francés Infiné, un disco en donde el productor mexicano continúa desarrollando sus influencias shoegaze


Macario returns with an Topure Remixes, an EP of remixes of his album Topure plus a couple of new tracks. The reworkings come courtesy of


Macario‘s full on debut for Static Discos follows his previous My Own EP. On Topure Mauricio Urbina, the man behind Macario, fulfills expectations with a


Static Discos is proud to release Residual Stock, our 40th release. The collection is an homage to all the matter and memory left behind by

Cubenx talks.

Cubenx has just released On Your Own Again, his proper debut album for the French electronic music imprint Infiné. The album has been receiving great