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GUEVARA is the project of Guillermo Guevara, a producer from Mexico City who has been a key player in the experimental electronic music scene for


Machino returns to Static Discos with Cuervos, an EP of dreamy atmospherics, blunted beats and sunkissed guitars. Shying away from his trademark techno, Machino this


KAMPION, one of Mexico’s most respected underground producers returns with ACOXXPA, his debut album. Guillermo Guevara, the man behind KAMPION, has been creating electronic music


We asked Kampion, México City’s Guillermo Guevara and ex-member of Duopandamix, to talk about Moscomonoblock, his contribution to our Residual Stock compilation.

Why did you make it?



Static Discos is proud to release Residual Stock, our 40th release. The collection is an homage to all the matter and memory left behind by