STA057 | Almeida | Relatos

Static Discos is proud to release Relatos, a new album by Andrés Almeida. A well known music producer and actor from México City, Andrés Almeida has released music with Los WendysSongs For Eleonor and Almeyda. According to Andrés Almeida, “Relatos comes from the need of creating music with narrative as a starting point, with sounds that had to do with texture, color, landscapes and ultimately through stories that were created with the vocal exercises that I developed with my daughters Una and Mar“.

A production that took Andrés Almeida close to six years to complete the album also includes vocal collaborations with Álvaro Ruiz, Jessica Rangel and Karen Ruiz. Andrés Almeida also sings on a couple of songs, but is the collaboration with his daughters that guides the bulk of Relatos.

“I finished the album when Una and Mar reached their tenth birthday. At the end I had 12 songs which were in fact a series of interweaved tales. Each had its own color, process and narrative. I gave them a continuity and a correspondence, so they could be aligned in time like a book. Relatos is the result of this exercise”. – Andrés Almeida

Una, Andrés y Mar.

Andrés Almeida – “Relatos (STA057)”
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