Ambient Beer 001

STATIC DISCOS has started a series of collaborations between the label’s artists and brewers from Baja California, México. The first collaboration is between electronic music producer Braulio Lam and Lúdica Artesanal brewery from Tijuana. The collaboration consists of intervening the beer with music during it’s fermentation process.

The result of this collaboration is a Milkshake IPA fermented with english yeast and the experimental ambient music of Braulio Lam. The collaboration was directed by Ludica Artesanal’s brewmaster Gustavo del Castillo.

The concept behind the Milkshake IPA was to create a beer with intense fruity hops, a median body and light sweetness contributed by lactose sugar and vanilla. The recipe is also full of tropical flavors like guava, passion fruit and orange juice. The frequencies and experimental sounds of Braulio Lam round up this intense and hazy punch of flavor.

Beer Geek: 8.4% Alc. Vol. — 48 IBU

Braulio + Gustavo

Ambient Beer 001 (Milkshake IPA) was released on 5th of april 2018 at Co-tasting Room de Teorema/ Lúdica, in Tijuana, Baja California.  Braulio Lam played a live session of his music during the presentation of the first Ambient Beer.

Ambient Beer 001-2