Five Years of Static Discos | Ejival DJ Set

ejival · Ejival Live at Static Discos Five Ejival is one of Static Discos‘ founders.  The sometimes Dj and writer delivers a selection of dancefloor killers from the Static Discos catalog released during its first five years.  The DJ set includes tracks from H. Amézquita, Fax, Antiguo Autómata Mexicano, Terrestre, Ditch, Microesfera, Duopandamix and Cubenx.

STA006 | H. Amézquita | Multi

On his only release for Static Discos, H. Amézquita delivers a refined and exquisitely danceable collection of tracks. Multi introduces the minimalist rhythms sounds of micro-house, techno and dub, flooding these spare, pointillist landscapes with nuance and details grounded in experimental dance music. Multi, which was co-produced with Fernando Corona (Murcof) in 2003, reveals simplicity…