STA089 | Vlisa | Little Bird Tell Me A Story

A rhythmic ambient suite by Vlisa, Argentinean producer Ramiro de la Cruz Larrain of Microesfera. A collection of soft panoramic exercises, which according to LarraĆ­n, “were produced with digital techniques mixed with modular systems and simple patches”. For this album, Larrain wasn’t trying to go deep into production and the detailed composition he does with Microesfera. “I was looking for a more sensible, calm, relaxed balance. I needed vacations and I couldn’t afford them, that’s why I made this record, which was like a chilled vacation for me”.

As far as the theme of the album, Larrain explains: “I have an obsession with the French children’s stories from the 60s that my mother used to read to me. In my family we all speak French, it is my mother’s tongue. Those children’s books had covers with little birds, playing in gardens. To me they were a bit boring and I liked that because they made me want to sleep, they were like very soft caresses, they were very still and the stories were a bit sad. My mom used to softened the drama of the stories, she always gave me a happy ending. This album is influenced by those books”.


Special thanks to Ejival and Fax for the support of so many years, it makes me very happy to belong to the Static Discos family, I also cannot stop thanking Ximena Larrain, Nahuel Rando, Bruno de Vincenti, Gonzalo Solimano, Poltamento, Jorge Castro, Julian Lasca, Riley Reinhold, Pauloops, Pueblo Nuevo label and my beloved Gabriela Pezzi.

Written and produced by Ramiro de la Cruz Larrain

Album cover by Eva VillaseƱor