STA082 | Rancho Shampoo | Alberca de Lava

“There is no death, only a change of worlds” says Rancho Shampoo, whose new Alberca de Lava (Lava Pool) EP is a step beyond his 2013’s debut, El Vuelo Del Golondrino. The moody and atmospheric Alberca De Lava juxtaposes the trippy tribal sounds of his first outing with the Indian Gold Orchestra to a more atmospheric and gliding flow. Alberca De Lava was produced and recorded at Facsimile Sound in collaboration with Rubén Alonso Tamayo (Fax), Beto Heredia, Jung Sing (Schem) and Rodo Ibarra (Maniquí Laser) and at its core remains the shamanic spirit of Rancho Shampoo, an otherworldly force of good in charge of transcending everyone back to the Rayovac ancestors.

“The birds think that the sky is the limit; this is because they don’t have the capacity of crossing that blue shield that becomes the dark space beyond, where everything happens and where one can meditate and use this platform to throw oneself down to the earth, down to the lava pool” – Rancho Shampoo

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Rancho Shampoo – “Alberca De Lava (STA082)”
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