Braulio Lam is an electronic music producer from the border region of Tijuana and San Diego. His debut EP for Static Discos, Soundtrack For Vision, is a deep and meditative ambient journey of found sounds, texture, random panoramas and guitar loops.

Born in 1992, Braulio Lam has traversed the Tijuana music scene as a guitarist and member of different rock, jazz and electronic music projects. Braulio Lam defines his sound as a mixture of guitar loops, synthesis, voices and live sound processing. Preferring to be called a guitarist, more so than an electronic musician, Braulio Lam has crafted a perfect soundtrack that inspires deep thought through wide isolation.

“I wanted to create something honest, something that I really liked. Maybe nobody listens to ambient music in Tijuana in a general sense, but Soundtrack For Vision is something personal, wallpaper sounds for your home, on your free day, drinking coffee or reading in a state of comfort” – Braulio Lam

brauliolam-backcover Braulio Lam – “Soundtrack For Vision (STA088)”
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