STA125 | Amina Cyu | The 39 Steps

Amina Cyu is a music project by Paulina Lasa, who hails from Mexico City. Her music is inspired by moths, guitar sounds, and guitar pedal effects. She has released various EPs, including Black Garden (Static Discos, 2020) and Más Humilde (Antimateria Sonora, 2021), along with other tracks on her Bandcamp page. Her new album, The 39 Steps, features ambient music that is both sensibly abrasive and ethereal. She is influenced by the early days of industrial music, but she transforms the harsh sounds into auditory embraces that provide a sense of well-being.

The music on her first full-length album is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock‘s film, “The 39 Steps,”  a work of fiction that portrays protagonists who are unjustly framed. The film is a suspenseful portrayal of how personal and political issues can become scandalously intertwined. However, almost a century has passed since the film’s premiere, and the popularization of the internet has subverted the concepts of privacy and espionage, easy access to information, and social media. The experiences of false accusations and persecution have also taken on different social and psychological dimensions. Despite these changes, the sentiment expressed by the persecuted man in “The 39 Steps” remains valid, especially in an emblematic scene of the film:

“I’ve known what it is to feel lonely and helpless

And to have the whole world against me

And those are things than no man or woman ought to feel

And I ask your candidate

And all those who love their fellow men

To set themselves resolutely

To make this world a happier place to live in

A world where no nation plots against nation

Where no neighbor plots against neighbor

Where there is no persecution or hunting down

Where everybody gets a square deal and a sporting chance

And where people try to help and not to hinder

A world form which suspicion and cruelty and fear

Have been forever banished”

Production: Amina Cyu, Mixing and mastering: Emilio Acevedo, Cover art: Æ, Graphic Design: Denisse Mancera.