STA086 | Camille Mandoki | We Used To Talk For Hours

We Used To Talk For Hours is the debut album by Camille Mandoki, a collection of songs and sound explorations. Through sound manipulation, improvisation and songwriting, Camille Mandoki achieves depth and melancholic expressions that go beyond pop stylings. Mandoki’s vocal dynamics and musical sensibilities reach a non place that is optimal for the space in between and the complex compositions that happen within.

“We Used To Talk For Hours is the presence of what is lost. These songs imply to let go of that presence as it permits me to reach what truly exists, here and now. Until now, melancholy was the main anchor of my music, as it was in my internal world, through the abstract and the ideal.” – Camille Mandoki



Camille Mandoki – “We Used To Talk For Hours (STA086)”
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