STA084 | Grenda | Untouchable Skin

Grenda returns to Static Discos with his first full length, Untouchable Skin. After his much acclaimed debut EP Living Right, the debut album sees Grenda hone his production skills. Untouchable Skin takes Grenda into the realm of finely crafted pop songs while retaining his penchant for electronic dream wave sounds and ethereal hip hop aesthetics. With this release Grenda confirms his stance as one of México’s most promising and exciting electronic music acts.

“Untouchable Skin is another step in my musical expression. This time I was able to push deeper feelings and write better lyrics. Completing this album made me mature musically, because the songs are more complex and the process of completing them took longer. This album marks a new milestone for my project and it fills me with excitement to think what the future holds” – GRENDA


Grenda – “Untouchable Skin (STA084)”
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