STA112 | R. Mendoza | Love 1.0

Isolation and confinement, the natural habitat of musicians and electronic music bedroom producers, nothing new. Even so, this space of situations is typical for R. Mendoza, who returns with his second album for Static Discos, to explore the different emotions and cycles around the idea of love.

His previous album, the celebrated “Si me duermo … choco”, was inspired by the English post-punk of 4AD (Xmal Deutschland and This Mortal Coil), on this occasion, in Love 1.0R. Mendoza jumps several years forward to create a hybrid between the more colorful sounds of the primary era of rave (Ultramarine, The Orb) and minimalist and ambient techno.

There is no love, it is the conclusion of this selfish era during the pandemic, only music to dance and imagine it.


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