STA079 | Trillones | El Tiempo Es Circular

Trillones (Polo Vega) returns with his first full length, El Tiempo Es Circular (Time is Circular). After two successful EP’s, Trillones has become one of Mexico’s most respected, popular and well written about electronic music artists. His first album is a collection of electronic pop songs with a feel good narrative of epic proportions. Trillones sound has matured into a rawer experience while keeping his classic indietronica feel intact. El Tiempo Es Circular is a travelogue to the many aspects of the absurd humor and happy accidents of living in the Baja desert of Mexicali, from where Polo Vega is from.

“Mexicali is a void, and because of that you are drawn to make something and fill that void. I believe that where there is nothing you can do anything. Some of the songs on El Tiempo Es Circular have a sense of pride and identity of being from Baja” – TRILLONES

TRILLONES_EP_BACK Trillones – “El Tiempo Es Circular” (STA079)
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