STA117 | Doreem | Iterations Felidae

Deep and whimsical imaginary video game soundtracks for feline entities is the core of Doreem‘s Iterations Felidae, her latest release for Static Discos.

Mexican music writer David Cortés wrote on Nexos Magazine that from its brighter cover, Iterations Felidae seems to include less gloomy sounds than its predecessors; but we immediately realize that it is not so. It is a minimalist, orchestral, terrorific almost, dramatic at times and deeply mysterious work.

“It’s about devotion and admiration for cats. A cat iteration. A fractal of felines. A repetition that mutates at each step and at the same time remains the same. It’s a tribute to cats that manifested itself shortly after finishing the songs. At first it was an escape from the confinement of the pandemic. I was locked up with my music and my cats. In the end, they gave me the key”, explains Doreem.

Tania Pomar is Doreem