STA056 | Seekers Who Are Lovers | Melting Walkmans

Seekers Who Are Lovers‘ last recording is Melting Walkmans an EP of cover songs by Queen, Roxy Music, Juan Gabriel, Van Der Graaf Generator, Carlos Berlanga, Camilo Sesto and The Go Betweens.

The re-interpretations of these songs show Seekers Who Are Lovers (Ángel Sánchez Borges) experimenting with different angles of production and sound design, from harsh metallic guitar sounds to lush minimal electronic dreamscapes. As each song progresses and takes unexpected turns, you realize that these are songs that were made for Seekers Who Are Lovers to decompose and sing.

Static Discos is proud to release Melting Walkmans as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

A cassette tape version of Melting Walkmans was released by the Mexican tape label Estados Unidos de América Latina.

“This album is a tribute to the artists I cover, a non lucrative exercise encouraged only by the desire to show the influence these songs have had on my own musical creation”.  – Ángel Sánchez Borges


Ángel Sánchez Borges: voice + instruments + electronics. Piano on House With No Door: Guillermo Guevara. Recorded, produced and mastered by Seekers Who Are Lovers, Monterrey, México 2011-2013. Artwork by Rubén Alonso TamayoShe Makes Me written by Brian May from the album Queen, Sheer Heart Attack 1973. My Only Love written by Bryan Ferry from the album Roxy Music, Flesh And Blood, 1980 Siempre en Mi Mente written by Alberto Aguilera “Juan Gabriel” from the album Juan Gabriel, Siempre En Mi Mente, 1978. House With No Door written by Peter Hammill from the album Van der Graaf Generator, H To He Who Am The Only One, 1970. Indicios de Arrepentimiento written by Carlos Berlanga from the album Indicios, 1994. Llueve Sobre Mojado written by Camilo Blanes “Camilo Sesto” from the album Camilo, 1974. Love Is A Sign written by Robert Forster and Grant McLennan, from the album The Go-Betweens, 16 Lovers Lane, 1988.