STA055 | Microesfera | Real

Microesfera changes its own course to deliver an EP of electronic pop songs. A couple of weeks ago Microesfera returned to Static Discos with a collection of consistent deep techno based tracks called FEEL, within the EP a couple of tracks touched upon a more pop oriented structure. In REAL, Microesfera fulfills on its own promise of pop heaven and delivers a collection of tracks that are inspired in the oceanic sound of the british shoeagaze movement.

Microesfera’s Ramiro Larrain explains: “I always have been a fan of indie music. With REAL I wanted to express a more nostalgic and emotional part of me, a part of me that reminds me of moments when I was very young and started producing music. I wanted to capture the feeling of bands that I listened to before I did my own music, bands like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Oval and Cocteau Twins”.

REAL was composed by Ramiro De La Cruz Larrain, designed by Rubén Alonso Tamayo, edited by Ejival, mastered by Ramiro De La Cruz Larrain and photography by _1983.

Microesfera – “Real (STA055)” Stream on Spotify or Google Play and buy on iTunes, Beatport and Amazon.

Free limited download of Ocean, the second track of REAL.