STA054 | Microesfera | Feel

Microesfera returns to Static Discos with a deep and nocturnal collection of electronic techno songs laden with sprinkle and pop. Whereas previous efforts by the Buenos Aires based producer, Ramiro Larrain, focused on the pragmatic and experimental, the FEEL ep is a more understated and melodic affair. This release marks a new era for Microesfera, where all the principles of his detailed sound design come into full circle and impact with a more subdued and pop sound and feel. Despite the current tech pop leanings on a couple of tracks, FEEL also contains the more typical Microesfera experimental techno fare on tracks like “Experimental Lake” and “Autumn Bells”.

FEEL was composed by Ramiro De La Cruz Larrain, designed by Rubén Alonso Tamayo, edited by Ejival, mastered by Ramiro De La Cruz Larrain and photography by _1983.

Microesfera – “Feel (STA054)” Stream on Spotify or Google Play and buy on Beatport, iTunes, Juno and Amazon.

Free limited download of “With Me”, the second track of FEEL.