STA052 | Machino | 1995

MACHINO is back with a new single track for Static Discos, an eerie and moody floor banger which comes packed with two remixes from border techno producers Iváno and Memo & Rex. “I am a very nostalgic person and I was remembering the mid 90’s, the time when I was in middle school. I was very easy going as a 12 year old. I remember having my first guitar and learning how to create music”, explains MACHINO about his homage to the year 1995. “I think Ivano and Memo really understood what I was trying to express, I think the remixes are better than my original track”, concedes MACHINO. Produced and mastered by MACHINO. Arwork by Rubén A. Tamayo.

machino 2

Machino“1995 (STA052)” Stream on Spotify or buy on iTunes, Google Play or Beatport.

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