Mixtape 2 | Casa del Lago UNAM

The producer FAX (Rubén Alonso Tamayo) is one of the founders of the label Static Discos. In addition to editing his music on the label, he has also designed most of the catalog covers. On this mixtape, FAX traverses Static Discos’ 18-year back catalog to deliver a tour that is intense, disturbing, and full of sonic experimentation that remains memorable after hearing.

The mixtape contains music by Antiguo Automata Mexicano (Monterrey, Mty), White Visitation (CDMX), Alejandro Morse (León, Gto), Doreem (CDMX), Schez (Los Mochis, Sin), Transgresorcorruptor (CDMX), Rancho Shampoo (Tecate , BC), Amina Cyu (CDMX), Concepción Huerta (CDMX), Microesfera (Buenos Aires, Arg), Macario (Morelia, Mich), Camille Mandoki (CDMX), Guevara (CDMX) and Fax himself (Mexicali, BC) .


01 AAM – ‘Luring Disco’

02 White Visitation – ‘Bless’

03 Alejandro Morse – ‘Back To Hastings’

04 Tania Pomar – ‘ Android A’

05 Schez – ‘Blu’

06 Transgresorcorruptor – ‘Rash’

07 Rancho Shampoo – ‘Perro Raleigh’

08 Amina Cyu – ‘Cotinus Coggygria’

09 Concepción Huerta – ‘Travel’

10 Microesfera – ‘Sleeping In The Woods’

11 Macario – ‘Algunos Días Son Largos’

12 Camille Mandoki – ‘Y’

13 Guevara – ‘Ataraxia’

14 Fax – ‘Ojo De Agua’